nov 22 16

what feels good? what breathes.
i understand most of it, all with so much to explain, i can’t even find the time to change.
the same topics are ever so relevant.
prevalent and extinguishable,
so many facades of humans hoping to be defined to have their lives understood,
to understand amidst all these understanding and misunderstanding.
they are so abundant and proud.
drop your ego fellow soul as i can taste the distaste in my senses,
i don’t want to help you only my presence.
i shall use you the way you blindly follow your actions.
i am not the best nor the worst i just am.
someone mindful against the ground being pulled down every which way is found,
i am traveling every day and inside every vacation is a sour and spoiled say,
a frantic display of power.
a absolute cause for cowards.