the time is ticking, 
no surprise how this all ends up.
sprawled on the ground and filled with lies.
it shouldn’t of gotten all shaken up
i mistook the taken and relieved the breaking.
taking the simple, the only thing that meant anything.
the same word i spoke wasn’t any ring or document.
just some sentiments well sent, fully loved and gifted.
my plane, I’ve missed it like that place of a comfort zone.
so long will i kiss this goodbye.
my last knowing separation,
my choices have lives.
living on their own and doing their damage,
i swear the last time i gave you this much power.
i know you couldn’t handle it.
now its unmanageable and damaged.
the frame is cracked and they can’t have it.
its a terrible shame but I’m a savage.
grieving with making a sandwich.